Tuesday, February 22, 2011

snow, snow and more snow.....

Is anyone else hidden under a great big pile of snow?  It really is amazing.  The kids love it and I love watching them play in the white stuff.   I decided that since I can't do anything about the snow, I was going to enjoy it. I've worked hard on a snow fort in the backyard and well as maintaining the sledding slop in front.  How fun is it to have this amazing white playground for the kids to play in.  And then, drinking a cup a hot chocolate coming in from a great afternoon of sledding is one of the small pleasures in life that I love sharing with the kids.

Another pleasure is watching Zoé play with her friends at my daycare.  I had looked for pictures of the kids on their own when I was working on the canvas projects we made for Christmas and I had a hard time finding one without Zoé in the shot.  She just loves them and is always hugging.  I decided to make a scrapbook layout of some of the pictures of Zoé and her friends. Here it is:

I will have more layouts during the week.  I'm working now on adding journaling to some of my layouts.  I've got a lot of writing to do as I'm way behind.  See you guys soon!!


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