Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am so proud of my daughter Marianne!  She keeps suprising me everyday.  I knew that she was caring, and has a big heart but when she asked me is she could help her friend Catherine with her penny drive I was just bursting with pride.  Here's a little backstory : Catherine is 6 1/2 years old  She lives on our street and is one of Marianne's best friends.  She was born premature and was a patient at the local neonatal intensive care unit for the first 3 months of her life.  This year's hospital fund raiser is focused on buying new equipment for the NNICU.  Catherine decided that she wanted to help the babies that needed help like she did when she was born by doing a penny drive.  Today Marianne made these collection banks featuring a picture of Catherine as a baby at the NNICU, one to stay at home and one for her dad to put on his desk at work.  Her goal is to raise at least 5 cents for each of the 570 babies that was admitted in the NNICU last year.  So if you have pennies to spare and would like to help Marianne collect 2850 cents, let me know. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let it snow

It's snowing!  The girls had a blast building the first snowman of the season.  They are now wanting to decorate for Christmas.  ZoĆ©, my 3 1/2 year old asked me to check the phone book for Santa Clause's phone number.  She is getting her Christmas list done and though it would be easier to just call him instead of writting him a letter, as she can't write yet.  It was a perfect setting to finish working on my workshop projects.  I can't wait to have picures to put in them. 

As promised, here are the pictures of the Mistletoe workshop project.  If anyone would like to make these at a gathering, I still have plenty of kits left so I could easily do this project for you and your friends.  Contact me for more details

I used the Mistletoe paper pack, the Mistletoe accessories pack and the Fresh Shapes dimentional elements.  The first layout is the proposed layout with the workshop on the go kit

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy November

Well, after promising to get blogging sooner, here I am a month later!  I'm so sorry.  It really was a crazy couple weeks.  Halloween parties, followed by my daughter's birthday combined with lots of scrapbooking parties made for some very hectic times.  I would not change it for the world though.  I really had fun.  It really got me thinking of what a great group of people my family is surounded by.  We have amazing neighbors that really feel like family.  Our Halloween block party was a sucess again this year. We also have great friends, some old, and some new,  some which we don't see nearly as often as we would like, but we truly are blessed to have them around.  Choosing and keeping great friends is a skill I want my daughters to learn as it take you so far and makes life so much more fun.  Seeing my daughters interact with their friends at Marianne's birthday party made me realise that they are on the right track.  They are compasionate, energetic, helpfull and so charismatic that other kids all seem to want to be their friend.  It make me so proud!

Now, back to scrapbooking.  Here are a couple projects atht I have worked on. 

This one is another take on the Flip flap project.  I was asked to do a workshop using the flip flaps with autumn colors.  The Olivia Workshop on the go pack was perfect.  I also added som mocha opaques.  I found that the leaves popped more if you scored them in the middle.  They jsut look more natural

This other layout is ready for my Christmas 2010 pictures.  It is my November workshop project.  I used the Mistletoe Creative basics paper with the AdornAble stamp set.  To add the silver, I used embossing powder and the heat setter.  I love the final product. 

Now I won't make promises I know I won't be able to make, but I do know that I have a Christmas workshop that I am hosting on Sunday.  I will have pictures of the finished project on this blog by Saturday night!  Have a nice rest of the week!