Thursday, July 29, 2010

A night off...

While I'm sitting at my computer, blogging with you, my youngest, Zoé, is singing a song to her doll. The song of choice, to put her doll to sleep, is a song my Dad wrote about the love he feels for his children. It's a touching ballad and from a 3 year old, it's just so precious. I always felt like I had amazing parents, but seeing them interact with their grandchildren is even more amazing. I often ask myself who is having more fun when I see my dad with the kids in his garden, or when my mom starts a craft project with them. I remember when I was small, spending time at my grandparent's house. I have so many great memories of time spent sleeping over, eating ice cream and playing kick-the-can with my cousins. I'm just so thankfull that my girls get to create those kinds of memories too. My daughters sleepover at my parent's house often. I think it's good for all parties involed. My daugther get to spend time with my amazing parents, get fresh air and learn new stuff.. My parents have an excuse to play legos and do crafts, plus get "help" with the gardening. And we get to have a night off, relax, go out or socialise. All that said, I truly believe that my daugthers are the ones who benefits the most. I find it hard to express to my parents just how thankfull I am that they are such a meaningfull part of my daughters' lives. Hearing Zoé still singing my Dad's song, I think somehow they must know. I'll tell them Thank you again anyway.

I though I didn't have anything to blog about, I kind of suprised myself there. hihi. Well back to business, here are the layouts I got completed during my "night off"
This layout was started about 2 years ago, of Zoé at 7 months and my causin's daugther playing together. I had the pictures and the layout done, but something was missing. I added Heartfelts, felt diecuts in blue and I really find that it balances out the colours well.

Here is and even older layout. Zoé was only 6 months old in these pictures. All I did to complete this Heaven sent layout was add coordinating stickers that I had hanging around.

This layout is made with paper from the days to cherish kit. I found stickers from the Let's get together kit that went perfectly with it.

This last one is from the Daydream Kit and I used stickers from the Discovery set and Heartfelt Felt diecuts to complete it.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July

What a great weekend we just had! I really feel like I have the best neighbors in the world! We had a Christmas in July theme block party Saturday afternoon. We had wonderful weather and had fun meeting all our neighbors. The kids had a blast in the bouncy castle, riding their bikes, meeting Santa and Mrs Clause. Even the fireman and policeman came over talk to the kids, and the kids got a chance to sit in the firetruck and police car. It was so much fun. A great thing about it for my scrapbooking is I will get to use some of my Christmas layouts!!! better get some of those pictures developped! hihi

Zoé with Mrs ClauseThe Cul de sac getting ready for the party

Now here are some of the layouts I have completed since I last blogged. I did not do as much as I wanted in the last week, but I still managed to get 5 done!

Here is a Christmas concert layout I did using the Evensong paper kit and Gloria stamp set which I colored in with markers. I then added a little bling here and there.
In this layout using pictures of Marianne playing soccer, I used the Tinkering paper packet with the coordinating Badge buttons.
I though that the colours in the It's a guy thing paper set went perfectly with my pictures of Buda Castle hill that I took last summer. I used copper photo clips and as an accent, made a flower using 5 of them secured with a brad. I think it looks cute.

I used the Caprice paper pack for these pictures of Stephansdom, in Vienna. The yellow really brings out the tiles in the roof of this amazing building. Makes me want to return to Vienna.

I just love this paper, having girls, I scrapbook alot in pink, and I just love the how pink and chocolate go together. I used dimentional element chipboards mixing the negatives of the letters with the positives for the title.

I really hope you like what i've done. And please don't hesitate to post remarks of even suggestions. I would love feedback!
Have a great day and Merry Christmas in July!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scapbooking and reality TV

Two of my biggest addictions are scrapbooking and reality TV, sometimes together. I'm thankfull today and in the last week that my scrapbook room is in the basement. It's been very hot and humid and not only do I get to play, I get to stay cool and catch up on some reality shows (The ruins and Fresh Meat II, if you like survivor type shows, and they are free to watch on demand on I was able to complete another 5 layouts last night while watching those! I'm so excited! As i'm looking at them now, I keep asking myself why they were all sitting on the shelf when I had pictures to put in them all along. Here are my most recent completed layouts

This first layout was done with the CTMH Serendipity kit. I used pictures from our visit to the Schonbrunn Zoo in Austria.
This layout is made with I'm guessing Stampin up paper. The colours went perfectly with our Quebec trip pictures.
This layout is from the Days to Cherish paper pack from CTMH. I used pictures of my youngest, Zoé, working on her flower bed.

This last layout is from the CTMH Tickled Pink paper pack. The colours were perfect, they matche the blues of the water and the pink of the girl's outfits. I added a little ribbon ruffle to the big picture, anchoring the ribbon with blue and pink brads. I love how it turned out.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still going!

To think that all I needed to get myself motivated to complete those stagnant layout was a self imposed challenge and a blog to hold myself accountable! Here I am posting 5 layouts that I've completed in the last 2 days! I'm pretty proud of myself to tell you the truth. I've always though of myself as a self-motivated person. I guess this in a way, proves it.

Seeing how easy this challenge has been so far, I'm going to be giving myself more challenges for the coming year, the first and biggest one being earning the 2012 incentive trip. As announced at convention this year, the trip will be a cruise around Hawaii! How cool would that be! I'll keep you posted on my progress starting in October when the qualifying period starts. The other challenge is to earn enough with CTMH to fund a family trip to either DisneyWorld or Dineyland in spring or summer 2011. Having convention in Disneyland in July 2011, I'm hoping we can combine the 2.

Anyway, here are the layouts that I've completed since last posting:
This layout is from the Daydream Workshop on the go. Ive had the pretty pins since last sping when they came out but never used them. I think they work great with the princess them I was going for.

Here is a layout from the Emporium workshop on the go. I had lots of pictures of Marianne, my eldest making goofy faces and just laughing, so this layout was really easy to complete.
This one is also from the Emporium workshop on the go. I used pictures from my 2009 austria trip.
This one is from the Aspen Workshop on the go, perfect for the sledding pictures from last winter.

And here is another one from Aspen. The pictures are from out March trip to Quebec with the girls.
I hope you like them and hopefully I'll see you tommorow with more completed layouts!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm on a roll!

I think I might be becoming a blog-addict! I'm liking this format!

Friday night alone with the girls, might as well scrapbook while they are asleep! I put on some reality TV on the web - my other addiction- and I scrap-away! I have conquered 3 more layouts! I'm having a blast!
This first layout was made at a workshop several years ago (I'm guessing 4 years) the paper is CTMH but it's been retired for a while. I used colored wire that I twirled to make flowers and vines. I glues them on with liquid glass. I add drop in every little flower in the pattern paper as well. I updated it a little with some rub-on flourishes

This one is more recent. It was from the Emprium workshop on the go. I loved this layout and the detail of inking the sides of the paper with the brayer.

I also loved this last one. The paper is so much fun! This paper pack and layout was purchased from my friend Gaël Després.
Now.... to do another layout or go to bed... that is the question

Operation Complete Layouts - 2 down 32 to go!

Operation Complete Layouts is underway! I have completed 2 layouts last night while watching Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance. It is quite a challenge i've given myself, even bigger that I expected! I counted 34 layouts that I had hanging around on my shelf that were waiting for pictures!! 2 down, 32 to go! I think I'm going to run out of pictures!
so here they are :

This one is from the Jingles workshop I did last November. I used on Target Dimentional elements and glitter brads.

This one is from the Daydream Workshop on the go. I loved the paper, just never got around to use it. I also used the adorable July stamp of the month. I just love those hedgehogs!

I first stamped the hedhogs directly on the the patterned paper, then on a Sweet Leaf cardstock. I cut out the balloons and the butterfly and used 3D foam to mount on top of the origianal stamped image. I then used chalk to colour in the hedgehogs and then I added stardust Glitz on top.
Hope you like them! now back to work for me! I'll be back soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picture This!

Yay! I managed to add pictures!!
Picture this.... it was the theme at CTMH convention this year. I find it suiting for a scrapbooking convention as pictures are usually the base on any scrapbooking pages. It's where we often find inspiration.
I usually tend to scrapbook in reverse, create a page I like and then add pictures... I have so many that there is bound to have pictures that will fit in just about any colour scheme and theme. The problem with this system is that sometimes layouts created tend to go incompleted...waiting for just the right pictures. I've collected more than a dozen of these layouts over the years. My challenge for this month is to finish those layouts by adding the pictures and journaling! Only after finishing those will I give myself permission to play with the new products I received in Washington DC. I'll post the layouts as I finish them. The goal is 1 layout a day for the rest of July. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July newletter

english message follows


Je suis de retour! J'ai eu tellement de plaisirs durant mon séjour a Washington DC. C'était incroyable, un peu comme vivre dans un rêve! J'aurais aimé tous vous apporter avec moi! Pi l'année prochaine c'est a Disneyland!!! Il faut que je sauve mes cents, j'veux y retourner!

J'ai hâte de vous montrer le nouveau catalogue, mais il faudra attendre encore un peu... Je les recevrai seulement en mi-août et il viendra actif le 1ier Septembre. Voici quelques produits qui figurent dans le nouveau catalogue avec lesquel j'ai hâte de jouer :
le nouveau livre de layout!!!
le papier des collections "Magnifique", "Olivia" et "Mistletoe"
des sparkles multicolores
des perles multicolores
les accessoires "Foundry Metal"
le stamp du mois d'octobre! trop cute! (celui de juillet est plus cute par exemple..voir attaché)
et bien d'autre!

bon en attendant septembre, j'ai quelques petites annonces pour juillet et Aout.

A la recherche d'hotesse!

Vous voulez recevoir des produits CTMH gratuitement? Passer une soirée amusante avec des amies? Vous avez besoin d'un bon party CTMH! Je suis a votre disposition! Je peux faire une démonstration chez vous, ou chez nous. Je peux vous préparer un projet amusant ou simplement vous préparer une démonstration ou vous donner le necessaire pour un party catalogue. C'est votre choix! De plus pour le mois de Juillet vous recevrez le plus mignon des etampes (voir le fichier attaché). Pour ceux qui réserve un party en juillet, vous recevrez un joli cadeau en plus!

Ateliers :

Il n'y aura pas d'atelier en juillet. Je vais recommencer avec un nouveau format en Aout. A partir du mercredi 11 août, mes ateliers aurons lieu tous les mercredi a 19h00. J'aurai comme d'habitude, un atelier de scrapbooking de 2 pages par mois mais vous pourrez choisir la semaine qui vous conviens le mieu. J'aurai aussi un atelier de cartes de voeux par mois et aussi le club Worshop on the go. Je devrai aussi augmenter le coût des atelier a $7.00 pour les membres et a $12.00 pour les non membre. Si vous avez des questions ou commentaires, n'hésitez pas de me les faire parvenir.

Clubs :

Club Workshop on the go : Commencant en août je vais commencer un club de Workshop on the go. Le Workshop on the go comprend tout le necessaire pour completer 3 layouts doubles, ou plein de cartes selon votre choix. Le coût est de $35.50 par mois, mais si vous participez pendant 11 mois consécutifs, vous aurez le 12ieme mois gratuit. Vous pouvez venir travailler sur vos projet les mercreci soirs. Vous pouvez commencer n'importe quand.

Pour participer commencant en Aout, vous devez me faire parvenir votre choix de l'ensemble que vous voulez au plus tard le 30 juillet. Les choix sont: Zippidee, Passage, Spendor ou Cherry-O

Club d'hotesses : En commencant en septembre, je vais commencer une nouvelle ronde de club d'hotesse. J'ai encore quelques ouvertures. Le club comprend 10 personnes qui doivent placer une commande d'au moins $25.00 une fois par mois pour 10 mois commencant le 15 septembre et allant jusqu'au 15 juin. Les participants prendront chacun leur tour a recevoir les avantages d'hotesse : au moins $45.00 de produits gratuits, un item a 50% de rabais et l'étampe du mois. Les participants recevrons aussi gratuitement les catalogue assitôt qu'ils me seront livrés.

Devenir Consultante :

Je suis aussi a la recherche de personnes pour joindre mon équipe. Devenir consutlante pour CTMH fut tellement une bonne décision pour moi, je veux partager cet opportunité avec vous. Avec l'arrivé du nouveau catalogue en septembre, le kit de nouvelle consultante est encore plus alléchant. On vous donne maintenant la chance de choisir parmi plusieurs options de produits. Vous recevez encore plus pour votre argent! N'hésitez pas de me demander plus de détails, je suis la pour vous aider!

Commandes :

Je vais placer des commandes le vendredi 16 juillet et aussi le vendredi 30 juillet. Si vous voulez vous commandez quelque chose, n'hésitez pas de m'envoyer un petit message.

Bonne journée et a bientot!

Jocelyne Roy
Consultante Indépendante
Close to my Heart
(506) 869-9097


Good morning!

I am back in reality world! I only say that because my week at convention felt a little like being in a fairy tale. I had so much fun! It was inspiring, motivation, and most time overwhelming. I'm looking back now and I have so many awesome memories, I wish you could all have been there! And I better start saving since next year it's in Disneyland! how cool is that!

Anyway, I know you want to know what will be in the new catalogue. I got a chance to play with some of the new products and I can say that they are great! But we will have to wait a few more weeks as i will only receive the idea book shipment in mid August. I will however tell you some of the things I can't do without that will be coming in September :

a new layout book!!!
multicolored perl accents
multicolored sparkles
Foundry Metal accessories
the Olivia, Magnifique and Misltetoe paperpacks
the October stamp of the month! so cute! (not as cute a the July one though! see attached)
and much more

Here are some news to tie us up with while we wait for those idea book to come,

Hostess search

I know you would love to get free CTMH products. Why not do it while spending a fun evening with friends? I can design a party to suit you needs- either a plain demo, a mini workshop or even a catalogue party! it's up to you! Plan one for July and you not only get the ultra cute July stamp of the month (see attached) but also a extra gift with qualifying party.

Workshops :

Starting August 11th, my workshops will be help every Wednesday at 7pm. Like before, I'll have a feature 2 page layout per month. You can chose the week that suits your schedule best. I will also add a card or altered item project per month and members of the Workshop on the Go club can come work on their project on Wednesdays too.
The cost of the workshops will change a little too. starting August, it will be $7.00 for members and $12.00 for non members.

Clubs :

Workshop on the Go Club : Starting in August, I will have a Workshop on the go club. The Workshops on the Go are kits put together by CTMH that includes everything you need, including a stamp set, to complete 3 double layouts. There are also instructions for cards if you prefer cardmaking. The cost is $35.50 plus shipping and tax. If you register and pay for 11 months, you get the 12th free.

To participate in the August Workshop on the go, you have to chose the kit you want before July 30th. The choices are : Zippidee, Passage, Spendor ou Cherry-O

Hostess club : Starting September, I will have a new round of Hostess club. I still have a few openings. The club consistes of 10 members that take turn getting the hostess benefits ( at leat $45.00 of free products, a 50% off item and the stamp of that month). In return the participants must order $25.00 worth of CTMH every month starting September 15, the last order being June 15th. If you wish to participate, Let me know.

Looking for team members :

I am also looking for people to join my team. Being a consultant for CTMH has been a joy for me and I would like to share it with you! With the arrival of the new catalogue in September comes exciting changes to the new consultant kit! The kit now gives you to option to pick and chose the products that will fit your needs. You now get more bang for your buck!
Don't hesitate to ask me for more details! It will be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss a carreer with CTMH.

Commandes :

I will be placing orders on Friday July 16th and Friday July 30th. If you want to order anyting, let me know and i'll add your order to mine.

Have a great day!

Jocelyne Roy
Independant Consultant
Close to my Heart
(506) 869-9097

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first ever Blog!!!

I'm so excited! I've done it! I have my own blog! I'm still learning so bear with me...
I just came back from CTMH convention in Washington DC. What a week it has been! Besides the energy received from the 1300 other wonderfull consultants, the motivating business classes, the inspiring Extravaganza, Art walls and Create and take, I came back with a clearer vision of where I want to take my CTMh business. My first challenge is creating a blog, a journal where I can share my creative journey. More challenges awaits, but they will have to wait till the kid's nap time.