Thursday, July 29, 2010

A night off...

While I'm sitting at my computer, blogging with you, my youngest, Zoé, is singing a song to her doll. The song of choice, to put her doll to sleep, is a song my Dad wrote about the love he feels for his children. It's a touching ballad and from a 3 year old, it's just so precious. I always felt like I had amazing parents, but seeing them interact with their grandchildren is even more amazing. I often ask myself who is having more fun when I see my dad with the kids in his garden, or when my mom starts a craft project with them. I remember when I was small, spending time at my grandparent's house. I have so many great memories of time spent sleeping over, eating ice cream and playing kick-the-can with my cousins. I'm just so thankfull that my girls get to create those kinds of memories too. My daughters sleepover at my parent's house often. I think it's good for all parties involed. My daugther get to spend time with my amazing parents, get fresh air and learn new stuff.. My parents have an excuse to play legos and do crafts, plus get "help" with the gardening. And we get to have a night off, relax, go out or socialise. All that said, I truly believe that my daugthers are the ones who benefits the most. I find it hard to express to my parents just how thankfull I am that they are such a meaningfull part of my daughters' lives. Hearing Zoé still singing my Dad's song, I think somehow they must know. I'll tell them Thank you again anyway.

I though I didn't have anything to blog about, I kind of suprised myself there. hihi. Well back to business, here are the layouts I got completed during my "night off"
This layout was started about 2 years ago, of Zoé at 7 months and my causin's daugther playing together. I had the pictures and the layout done, but something was missing. I added Heartfelts, felt diecuts in blue and I really find that it balances out the colours well.

Here is and even older layout. Zoé was only 6 months old in these pictures. All I did to complete this Heaven sent layout was add coordinating stickers that I had hanging around.

This layout is made with paper from the days to cherish kit. I found stickers from the Let's get together kit that went perfectly with it.

This last one is from the Daydream Kit and I used stickers from the Discovery set and Heartfelt Felt diecuts to complete it.
Thanks for reading!

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