Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still going!

To think that all I needed to get myself motivated to complete those stagnant layout was a self imposed challenge and a blog to hold myself accountable! Here I am posting 5 layouts that I've completed in the last 2 days! I'm pretty proud of myself to tell you the truth. I've always though of myself as a self-motivated person. I guess this in a way, proves it.

Seeing how easy this challenge has been so far, I'm going to be giving myself more challenges for the coming year, the first and biggest one being earning the 2012 incentive trip. As announced at convention this year, the trip will be a cruise around Hawaii! How cool would that be! I'll keep you posted on my progress starting in October when the qualifying period starts. The other challenge is to earn enough with CTMH to fund a family trip to either DisneyWorld or Dineyland in spring or summer 2011. Having convention in Disneyland in July 2011, I'm hoping we can combine the 2.

Anyway, here are the layouts that I've completed since last posting:
This layout is from the Daydream Workshop on the go. Ive had the pretty pins since last sping when they came out but never used them. I think they work great with the princess them I was going for.

Here is a layout from the Emporium workshop on the go. I had lots of pictures of Marianne, my eldest making goofy faces and just laughing, so this layout was really easy to complete.
This one is also from the Emporium workshop on the go. I used pictures from my 2009 austria trip.
This one is from the Aspen Workshop on the go, perfect for the sledding pictures from last winter.

And here is another one from Aspen. The pictures are from out March trip to Quebec with the girls.
I hope you like them and hopefully I'll see you tommorow with more completed layouts!

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