Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas gift project

I sometimes have creative ideas out of the blue. I had leftover canvas from a scapbooking class I had hosted a couple weeks ago laying around, and bottles of finger paint that I found in my kid's craft corner and I had one of those ideas.  I would have the kids I had at my daycare paint on a canvas and then scrapbook their picture on it.  The kids has so much fun making it and I did too.  I love those kids so much and it was a joy to put 2 of my passions together like that.  The final product turned out even better than I had hoped, and I think the parents were impressed as well.  I loved how they all turned out so different, as unique and special as the child pictured in the art.  I could not wait until Christmas, I gave them their gift today.  Here they are.

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