Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring cleaning and an Easter story

Good evening!

I'm Back!  again!  hihi.  I took a little break from scrapbooking and concentrated on my spring cleaning.  My Scrapbooking corner is now in a different corner of the basement and now new and improved!  More shelves, more room, more practical.  All it needs now is a little decor- pictures on the wall and that should be it.  The girls were glad that I did a little purging too since their scrap bin is now full of new paper.

Before I show  you some scrapbooking layout, let me tell you a story about Easter.  Marianne was learning about Easter and death and was asking a lot of questions lately.  When going to my Mom's house for Easter, we passed by the cemetery and I told her that is where her great grandmother Jeanne was buried and Marianne asked to go see.  We located the tombstone but the flower arrangement was in poor shape having spent the winter outdoors.  The girls asked if we could fix it and here is the final results.  The best arrangement in all the cemetary!!
Back in the car, Zoé (who just turned 4 this week!!) looks at her sister and says " When mémére Jeanne's not dead anymore, she's going to really love those flowers!!"  her sister then replies that mémére will stay dead and be in heaven with Jesus and God.  Zoé then asks who God is.  Marianne replies "God is Jesus' dad, A long long time ago, Mary and Joseph really wanted a baby and they tried for a very long time and when it didn't work, God gave them his son"  How cute is that!  I really wished I had a recording!  But it will sure make a nice journaling block for my scrapbooking!

So now I'm back in scrapbook mode just in time for national scrapbook month!  Here are a couple layout I did with the new CTMH You and Me kit available only for the month of May.

I love the colors, the kits come with everything you see in the layout! 

I went to a crop this past weekend and I got a lot accomplished so I should have a couple blogs worth of material to work with.  After two full days of scrapbooking for a total of 18 hours, is it normal to want to come home and do more scrapbooking???  See you soon!!

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