Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney autograph albums

I'm on a roll!  I completed 4 more autograph books last night. 
The first two I'm sharing with you I blanked out the names of the kids since since they have no idea that they are going to Disney this year.  Better be safe and avoid leaking the information.   How exciting will it be when my kids realize that they will be sharing their Disney vacation with some of their best friends! 

And since I posted the original one on facebook, A friend of mine asked me to make one for her daughter.  While i had the Modge Podge out, might as well make an assembly  line and make them all at once!  How fun!  Nothing like making a craft mess to pass a Tuesday evening.

And then finaly, my other daughter's book.  she asked that Donald be on the front page.  I had originally only planned on making one book that the girls were going to share, but Marianne informed me that she would like to take the album with her when she moved out, when she was an adult, and it would be easier if we both just had one that way we would avoid a conflict.  Being only 9, I asked her if she was seriously already thinking about moving out and she informed me that she would move out, but not too far as so her kids could come visit anytime!  She is growing up way too fast!

And there they are!  My youngest daughter has started making a list of the characters that she would like to meet.  She plans on drawing them in her book and making the characters sign above their protrait.  I though that was an excellent idea.  I also plan a having the characters sign on the right hand side and placing a picture of my daughter and the character on the left hand side.  Can't wait to get started on collecting those autographs!

I'm also taking orders, If you would like me to make you one, let me know. 
Have a magical day!

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